Jan 4 goals for the year

I don’t make resolutions I do however set some goals for myself . Sometimes I accomplish them sometimes not but they are things I try to do. The difference is goals are things to work toward that you can measure whether  you  have achieved what you set out to do .They are things to do not things to give up. So here are a few: I am trying to post to the blog daily (4 for 4), Read more books (hopefully more nonfiction) 3 and 3 halfs, play games (I don’t play games) 4 games of rummycube 1 scatagories, Drive the MG (ok I am not driving the MG till the frost is gone) and walk (most days I walk 4k) I just can’t motivate myself to run, Debbie runs 5 k  I am working to just walk or is that walking to work 🙂 . It’s both. I am doing most the things I have set out to do ,well there are some things I haven’t done yet but I am working on it .

Today was my first day back to work plus I had 2 extra trips so my day was mostly taken up with not too much time left for doing much else. I took my truck to the repair shop to see if they could find an oil leak (they couldn’t ) it is somewhere around the steering pump. The oil is all cleaned off so I will just keep checking to see if I can see where it is coming from. I don’t drive it very much because I try to walk as much as possible( see previous goal) but I do have all my fire gear in the truck so if I get a call and I am at home I can go direct to the call or to the fire hall. Or any other reasonable excuse to drive.

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