Jan 2 /2011 a day of rest

Today was a truly restful day !

we have had people visit and gone to see things and do things and today we just stayed home and had a day of rest.

we spent some time relaxing and talking while soaking in the hot tub.

I opened up the motorhome and ran both the engine and the generator ran some heaters and the furnace checked the batteries and wished I could drive away. It is a good thing there is only storage insurance or I am sure we would have gone away.It is still cool -7 but Debbie went for her run this morning while I looked for more free books to download to my Kindle,I’ve read more books since I got the kindle than ever before and I used to read a lot. I am still loading more books than I can read . I guess that is a problem with free books you take them and don’t know if you will read them.  I have found quite a few that I have enjoyed and a few I deleted shortly after I got started on them .

After paying with the motorhome for a couple of hours I got started making calendars. I have a frame that holds a calender and I needed to make new pages for it but the page has to slide exactly into the holder . It sounds like a simple process but it took several hours to get the size and shape figured out and then I have to do it again for the next month. Very complicated I need to find a simpler way or break down and buy a new holder but the one I have fits a spot just right so I will keep working at it. One more day off before I go back to work.

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