It’s Here !!! Hope it’s a good one !!

It is here a brand new year fresh and ready to go. What are we going to do with it or what is it going to do with us? I a looking forward to the new  year and am ready for some adventures. Ok how is this for a start it is 9am and my new outside remote thermometer says it is -15 and in a couple of hours I am taking a fire truck out to the polar bear dip. NO I am not going in  the water just providing the fire truck and water tanks for crazy people to jump in.

I have a couple of new goals for 2011

The first is to post on the blog every day.                                                                                       I started this blog on Oct.7 /2009 and have added 132 posts and have had 1310 visitors to the site. so this year I want to add more posts and hopefully get more visitors. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.

as for the rest of my goals for the year I am not ready to put them up on the wall just yet I am still in the mulling it over stage, but rest assured that travel and renos are sure to be on the list along with some other happy ideas.

I hope your list has some happy goals on it too.

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