The End of 2010

Christmas is over and it was an enjoyable time .We did some things a little differently than we had before and for the most part it worked out as planned. Debbie and I did not get each other presents because we had bought things together earlier that were presents. Now that the crazy times have almost passed we want to visit a few friends and spend some time relaxing before I have to get back to working.

2009 was such a busy year that it almost feels like I didn’t do anything in 2010.Around the house we got our backyard deck built (maybe next year I will make it bigger) ,my other outside projects were to put in lights for the deck a fountain and underground irrigation in the front and back yard. Inside the only big project was to make one large closet out of 2 small ones and it worked out better than we thought. Our other major projects were all about the motorhome ūüė¶ we did some major repair and maintence on it including a complete new fuel system ,plugs and wires etc. new tires, furnace motor,new carpet.and an exhaust extension¬†for the generator. It seems like a lot when I write it down but through the year it seemed like we were not doing a lot. There¬†are always lots of things to do and at this time of year I am usually making myself a list of things¬†to try to¬†accomplish in the coming year I don’t think I am ready to share that just yet.

I hope that everyone has a happy and successful year  what ever successful means to you.

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