My Christmas Letter 2010

I have written and received Christmas letters from time to time and thought that this might be a good way to let everyone know what I have been up to this year. Get yourself your favorite beverage and read about my adventures. This is mainly about me and what I have done not about my entire family ,if you want to know all that my adult children have been up to you will have to talk to them it is all too complicated for me.

The year started off with some ski trips up to Mt. Baldy that were enjoyable , I gave up on snowboarding after a nasty spill.  We have done most of the work on the house (we still have lots to do) but I didn’t do much on it this year. By Febuary we were ready to start on some out side projects.

After cleaning up the yard we decided to put in a small deck( in the planning stage it was quite a bit bigger than it was when it was finished) $ rule.

the finished project was well used through the summer. It was enjoyable to sit out under the trees and have an afternoon glass of wine

One of the highlights of the year was my mothers 106th birthday . we had some good times with family and friends and told lots of stories.

unfortunately she passed away just 6 months later .That was a low point of the year.

We managed to sneak in a few trips in the motorhome, we took 2 trips to Vancouver Island ,one for the music festival and one to pick up Saige from Opera summer camp

Musicians at summer camp don’t rough it.

We also got in a motorhome trip out to Alberta to see Vern and Julia as usual we had a blast and a great visit.

Buggy rides or Quads we got r dun.

By September Deb and I were ready for some alone time so we took a cruise,it wasn’t long enough and while we were away my mother started to go down hill and our cruise was interrupted by phone calls from home about her behaviour, however me managed to have a good time anyway .

I guess the final thing for the year is my selection this month as the Deputy Fire Chief. I have been working as acting Deputy since june but this makes it official.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my life this year and our hope is that you will have a fantastic year in 2011.

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