December 11

This will be the last week of work this year 🙂 and also the last pay cheque 😦  . It is a lovely restful saturday after a frustrating friday. We were going to print some things on our wireless printer yesterday and it wouldn’t connect to the router, so after going through all the trouble shooting ideas the instructions had and uninstalling and reinstalling I finally called the customer service tech. support for help. They have an 800 toll free # but we only have cell phones so we still pay the minutes ,and there were a ton of minutes yesterday . We were actually on the phone for just over 2 hrs. before the tech guy said OK enough is too much we are sending you a new printer on monday send the old one back in the box the new one comes in. Great support from “HP” the guy really tried everything he could to get us going including hooking to my computer by remote. In the end I had to leave to go to work and Debbie had to take over holding the phone ,by that time we had taken the printer and computer down to the laundry room where the router is in a closet so we could hook it up directly with a cable. Anyway they are going to get a new printer next week we can think of it as a Christmas present. We are also waiting for a couple of other presents that are supposed to come before Christmas. As an off shoot of the printer problem I am thinking of moving the router somewhere else to get a stronger signal. It has started snowing this afternoon and I hope it stays for a while, the Fire dept. is having their kids christmas party tomorrow and it would be nice to have some snow. On Wed. we will be taking our Christmas fire truck out for a trip around town, we will be taking the cubs and beavers for a ride

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