Some December News

Coppied from “Oliver Daily News

Dan Skaros is new ChiefPosted on December 3, 2010 by Publisher

Oliver’s  Fire Department will have new leadership, officially in 2011.

Dan Skaros has been selected by the volunteer Fire Department members to lead them in 2011 as Chief. He joined the OFD June 1984.

Selected to assist him is Bob Graham, as Deputy Chief who joined the department in February 1992.

Both men have been acting in those roles since mid June.  Chief Janzen took a leave of absence from his duties, and his term of office expires December 31, 2010.

Dave Janzen has served the OFD and the community of Oliver for almost 35 years and will receive recognition for that in January, 2011.

The Town of Oliver is the “employer” and all decisions to do with the selection of the Chief and Deputy must be ratified by council.

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  1. dakegro says:

    whats up with the snow on my screen when i try reading your Blog!!!! LOL

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