The End of November

This has been an interesting month and has ended with some frustration, But I will get over it . As you know my mother had been living in an assisted living place called “Heritage House” I thought it was quite a nice place but they charge for everything extra. As my mother started to go down hill they were reluctant to have her moved and assured the nurse who came to assess her situation that they could look after her needs which they did to a small degree but not to the extent that she really needed and all at a cost to her. For example every time they came to do anything for her they required latex gloves which she had to pay for which the local drug store sells for $9 but they charge $15 , to bring a meal up to her room  $7.50 ,of course there is no discount for the week that she was not able to come down for meals and went with out food. And then to top it off to charge her $30 for a load of washing ,actually 3 loads for $90 .How big a load of washing does a 106 year old get for $30 ? that she needs 3 . The ultimate insult is when her toilet overflowed and they want to charge $1000 plus her $1000 damage deposit. This place is operated by Benchmark lifestyles ,and my opinion from our experience with them is that they are more concerned with making as much profit as possible than providing care for seniors, that is just my opinion. I would also be very hesitant to recommend it to anyone. That was the frustrating part of the month and it is not over yet.

It has been trying to snow but you can still see the green grass through the snow in the yard. I havent managed to get my outside decorations up yet hopefully this week.we did get our tree and it is in the house the next step will be to decorate it .

this is the kind of weather that you really enjoy sitting in the hot tub

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