Sat.nov 27

First it is not as cold as it was it is only -1 without wind today, which is much better than the windy -14 of last week. The threatened snow has fallen all around but none has stayed on the ground here . We were in the “Big City”(Kelowna)this past week and they had snow on the ground . It kind of put us in the mood for the season. Now that brings me to a very important matter.It is time for the politicians and scientists and anyone else involved to get together and adjust the seasons to meet my expectations of what the seasons should be . As far as I am concerned winter should start on Nov.1 and last 4 months :Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.then spring would be March and April than we would have 4 months of summer May, June, July, August. fall would be September and October.  Now think about it doesn’t that align closer with reality than having winter start on the 21st of Dec. And while we are at it we will have the first of Sept. be the start of the new year, or the first of March or the first of May. It was probably the influence of the Druids that got us having the new year start in the middle of winter. Well that is the end of my winter rant for today.

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