Nov 21

I just looked at the pcture on the heading of my page and I wish I was there.

It is not pleasant out, it is trying to snow it is cold and the wind is blowing. We went to the annual craft fair yesterday and as usual did not buy anything but did see a couple of things that maybe we should have bought ,that seems to be the way we are we see something and think it is interesting but don’t get it then later think why didn’t we get that.often we go back and it is gone. I am seldom a spontaneous buyer. This morning I get to drive the girls to “the city” for their practice because it is snowing and they aren’t allowed to drive in the snow yet,we have to wait till it is really deep before we will let them try šŸ™‚ . Since it is getting very close to that season we will take our decorations out of the storage and see what we have and what we need to add. I love this time of year (I am not going to say the word till next month) I love decorating and we have all ready started with the music. the only hard part is the dinner . I think it would be nice to go out for dinner to a big dinner party where someone else does all the work and we just sit and relax. Apparently my family went to a fancy hotel dining room for” THE DINNER” one year but it didn’t work out very well ,I was too young to remember ,but the story is that we were the only ones there . The other day as I was leaving the school I saw a limo come by and I thought hey that would be a fun job for me when I retire .na! I wouldn’t be able to get along with the customers unless they behaved, but right now I am going to practice by driving the girls to the “City” more later.

Ā this is later, (prepareĀ for a rant)this weekend our town got its first “Tim Hortons” coffee and donut shop. To some people this was a fantastic event I even know of someone who got up early enough to be there for 5am to be the first customer .I have serious questions about that being the high point in your life let alone the high point of the day. this is a store that sells coffee come on folks get a grip on reality. I have reported before that I have obtained the first bottle of wine of a certain vintageĀ Ā but it was just circumstance I also got the last one of another year but that just happened that they didn’t have any left after I bought the last one. As much as I like wine and a few other things we should keep in perspective that this is not really what life is about . Well then what is the high point of our lives? what really are the important highlights of our lives. I hope to live longer than my mother and if I do I hope that I can think of things more exciting than being the first customer at tim hortons as a highlight of my life. ( end of rant) I drink coffee most days but I doubt I will drop in to tim’s for quite a while.

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