summer 2010

It is officially summer 

the picture at the top of the page is to remind you of 2 things , first that this is the slow lane and also to take the road less traveled. The little town I live in is going through some hard times ,fires, floods , contraverseries.but this too shall pass everyone gets 15 minutes of fame and in 15 minutes it will be someone elses turn in the spotlight .

I have my motorhome  home hopefully it is completely cured of its ailments. We have replaced the gas tank which was somehow contaminated with something that we couldn’t get out  We have new: fuel tank, fuel pump, gas lines, gas filters, plugs, wires rotor, dist.cap, air cleaner. You name it we have fixed or replaced it ,if this thing doesn’t go like a %$#*&@   @#$%&* then I will be very upset. Well on to happy thoughts My motorhome is back !!! and I want to go camping ! the yard looks great the grass is the best it has looked since we came here and is going to be even better , the little deck out in the back yard is great for sitting on when it is hot and sunny. life for me is really great and I have only 5 more days to work and then I am unemployed for 2 whole months.

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