June 8

well another week is underway I took the motorhome to a repair shop yesterday to check a reoccurring problem of lack of power that seems to plague us from time to time. Last weekend Deb and I took Patricia ,aka, Patty and went on a short wine tour , there was a new winery opening on Saturday and we had to see how it was .then we took a run to Fairview cellars (one of our favorites) .the first stop was Church and State winery http://www.churchandstatewines.com/  we were very impressed and brought home a mixed case of reds. We have had some of their wines before so we were looking forward to this visit the winery is very upscale with lots of glass and chrome.Then it was off to Fairview http://www.fairviewcellars.ca/     which is the opposite, down home log cabin with just fantastic wines and no glass and chrome, we brought home more to make up for the ones we had already used. This morning we had a surprise visitor , a racoon , he was right at the back door when Cassie went out and then ran around to the front of the house I will post a picture as soon as the internet speeds up

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One Response to June 8

  1. darinisawesome says:

    This is my favourite because i love raccoons.

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