Begining of June

Wow it is the beginning of June already ,it must be getting close to cherry season it has started to rain, now we need the sun shine to come back. If the rain keeps up we won’t have to worry about grass fires for a while. The Fire dept.has been very busy with calls lately it is interesting for the firefighters to be busy but I think we have had enough for a while especially at night. I did manage to get out in the back yard between showers and got one of my light posts moved to the edge of the deck, it looks much better there, it was only a couple of feet over. I had put it in before I put the deck in so now it is moved to where it belongs, now we need the nice weather so we can sit out and enjoy the deck. I have my new bus to drive for work so that is a nice for me, it is good to enjoy small events like that . After driving the old bus for ten years it is just fun to drive one that is brand new. There are a lot of things in life that bring pleasure you just have to recognise them and take the time to appreciate them. That is not to say that there are no unpleasant things just that even in the middle of difficulty you can find something good. By the way I am not going through difficulties, just making an observation based on my many years of experience. At this time my life is great (not that it isn’t always)  and I am enjoying most of the things that are coming my way.There are always bumps but life is great. Life is all about choices ,you may not get to choose your circumstances but you can choose your attitude. There are some people who complain about everything that happens but won’t change their actions that cause all these problems and then there are those to whom everything is a great drama ,they seem to be more interested in the drama than the solution. Finally there are those who just get on with life regardless of the circumstances. So my thought for today is  Relax and enjoy the life and things you have. I guess I am just getting tired of people with dramas. By the way feel free to leave a comment even if you are one of those having a drama. Not only that but I love all my children and whichever one phones me is the one I love the most at that moment. If anyone else wants to be the favorite just give me a phone call. 🙂

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