Just when you think things are going ok something good comes along

another hard day at the factory

 I took these pictures with my phone then I had to have someone help me figure out how to get them onto the computer .

It is a tough life working for a living

some days are harder than others but then this one was better than the last one

                                                                                       I am continually surprised when people talk about how things are always going wrong in their lives. I wonder if it is something they are doing wrong ? There are unpleasant things that happen to me but I choose to focus on those things that are good .I really think our attitude towards life and the things that happen in our lives determines to a great extent the outcome of our lives. the question has been raised as to why bad things happen to good people and the answer is really very simple bad things happen and it doesnt matter if you are bad or good they just happen . It is foolish to think that by being good is some how a protection from bad things . There are of course those actions or behaviours that are more likely to cause bad things to happen . So Bad things happen 2 ways first because of stupid,carless, foolish, silly,or just bad behaviour ,and second they just fall out of the sky. Don’t complain about what you perceive as a bad circumstance if you are the one that caused it in the first place, just own up to it, don’t blame others for your mistakes, make what corrections that you can, change your actions, and get on with your life. If the bad thing just fell out of the sky and landed in your life do you ask “why me”  for a change ask “why not me” ? what is it about me that I should be immune to bad things . As I said I think the outcome is determined by your attitude to whatever it is that is happening.

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