That was what I did but what did I learn

Ok what did I learn this year?

There are a couple of things I learned, some things I remembered, some I am still trying to learn. If I didn’t know how old I was I would guess I was 40 .

I don’t know if this is a did or a learned ,but apparently I learned how to make a blog

You can do almost anything that you really want to do , it may not turn out as well as an experienced pro but you can do it.

What ever it is, it will probably take longer and cost more than you planned .

I learned that if I can draw a couple of pictures of it I can figure out how to build it.

I am a slow learner, but I can learn , pain sometimes helps.

always watch where you put your other hand when using a nail gun, pain helps you remember

it is possible to cut perfect compound angles , and if you don’t there is magic crack filler

if you have to borrow something 3 times you should buy one

measure 3 times, cut once, hammer to fit . or cut it long and keep cutting till it fits

stopping ,sitting and relaxing is sometimes a really good thing

sitting in the backyard with a glass of good wine is a good thing

there is always tomorrow. and if there isn’t it is too late to worry about it.

What I didn’t learn but remembered

I don’t know everything and it is ok to admit it

first impressions are not always accurate

people can change

no matter how badly you want to there are some people you can’t beleave or trust ( dam I hate that)

Loving someone is good

being loved by someone is great

loving someone who loves you is wonderful

God is good and wants good things for us

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