Christmas 2009

This was a great Christmas . Christmas day there was a total of 19 family in and out of the house all day.  Our Christmas tree was loaded with presents. Funny thing is we kept saying we weren’t going to but a lot of things but there were lots of gifts for everyone .

we went out on the Christmas fire truck on the 23 and that was sort of  the start of Christmas . Christmas eve was a time of getting ready and Deb and Cassie wrapping presents. Christmas morning the girls went to Heather’s to watch the little kids open presents and then all my boys came over with grandkids and my mother . They stayed for half the afternoon and then Deb’s boys came over for their turn at the presents . finally about 5:30 we had our dinner. and by 9:30 everyone was gone . It doesn’t seem like much when you write it but it was a couple of long fun filled days .

I tried to add some pictures but the computer wouldn’t cooperate today maybe later.

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