Monday after a busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend that started on thursday . Wed night we went to our dance class the last class of the session then thursday I sort of planned to start hooking up the hot tub but it is too cold to work outside so instead  I did some filling around some windows so I wont have to put moldings around them . They are basement windows set in the foundation so they are going to look good with no frame just the drywall up to the edge of the window. Then thursday night the fire dept had our Christmas picture taken for the newspaper. Friday as soon as I finished driving the bus we drove to Kelowna and checked into a motel and had a snack then it was off to the Nutcracker Ballet. The ballet was good for the Nutcracker which is a Christmas time story and has lots of kids in it so as ballet goes it is not one of the most professionally great ones ,but it was good and the costumes were really great. except for the guys in white spandex.  After the ballet we went for a late night desert. On Saturday ,breakfast out and then Costco and the mall.home by 6 and then the girls had 2 grand kids for the night . Sunday was even busier with church in the morning then to the fire hall for a kids Christmas party then back to church for a Christmas concert we didn’t get back home till after 9. .Today Deb is busy painting and I am patiently waiting so I can put the floor down and do the moldings . Tonight we have to take the girls up for their piano lesson so that will be 3 hrs. out of the evening but it is the last lesson of the year and the stores will be open for to shop while we are waiting .

what should I wish for ?

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