wednesday report on yesterday & today

Wow what a day!!!

my bus was not running the way it was supposed to so we took it in for a checkup, by 11 they had figured that it was a major problem that was not going to be fixed for a day or 2 so I had an unexpected day off so got to go with Deb to take the girls for voice lessons and do some shopping . Today is another day of not working I am going over to the repair shop this morning to see if they can tell me when It is going to be ready . It snowed last night just enough to make the ground almost white. Deb was busy yesterday morning getting started on the down stairs painting as soon as she is finished I will be able to put the floor in and the moldings . I have everything ready and measured but I dont want to buy the molding till I am ready to put it in because there is nowhere to store it . I will try to get the last of the grouting on the entrance tile done today but first I need to check on the bus to see if I am working this afternoon. Deb has gone to Kelowna shopping with Scott today so it will probably be Monday before she can get painting .We are going to Kelowna on Friday for the “Nutcracker “ballet and staying overnight to shop. late update I got my bus back but too late for the afternoon run but we will be ready for the morning. It is cold out -15 right now at 10:00 pm. I got my entrance tile all grouted today and cleaned off now I have to wait a day and wash it all . We had our last dance class tonight and next week is the wrap up ,a new session starts in February. I am not sure what the plan for tomorrow will be but I am sure I will find something to do perhaps I will hook up the hot tub if it is not too cold out.

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