another weekend slipped away

What a busy weekend

Friday night was our dance class dance. There were about 50 people and considering not too many knew each other the dance went quite well and I even felt like I was dancing some of the dances. 5 or 6 more years and I should be not too bad 🙂 We took cousin Patty with us and had a great visit between dances . Saturday was off to the flea market to see if there were any bargains ,not this week last week we got a good deal on outside lamps and posts so you can’t expect to find something every week . then home to put up some inflatable Christmas decorations outside . Looks like we need some snow

then off to the tree farm to pick a tree. We found a very nice little blue spruce ,this will be the first time we have had a blue tree we will go today to cut it down and bring it home . Saturday night we had company over for supper  . So all in all for us that was a busy day. Sunday we had church in the morning  then went for an open house at our favorite winery ,they were having 15% off of some new releases so we picked up 2 cases of our favorites . We sent the rest of the afternoon watching a movie then went to put up Christmas decorations at the church in the evening ,there were quite a few people there and we had fun.

In the midst of our activities on Saturday Saige managed to find time to bake us some fresh banana bread which we all enjoyed.

On a totally different thing we got an attachment for the computers so we can play a vhs tape and show it on the computer and then burn it to a dvd we may try it today or tomorrow ,we hope to turn all our vhs movies to dvds .we have a lot of movies that we would really like to have on dvd so we can watch them on the computers .

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One Response to another weekend slipped away

  1. darinisawesome says:

    Get Saige to bake me some banana bread and ship it off to me!

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