Friday and the week is winding down

The back yard is full of birds this morning ,mostly sparrows .They are on and arround the feeders and in the trees the feeders hang from. It is a beautiful day with a clear sky and the sun shining . The other day a hawk came into the yard I don’t remember if I wrote it down ,it first came after the birds that were feeding and then just came back and sat in the tree while it was here there were no other birds arround. As much as I liked looking at the hawk I prefer to have lots of birds here . It is so nice out I think we will go and look for a Christmas tree .I saw a place that is selling trees that are still growing so we will go there and see how much they charge. Wednesday I got the tile put on the back entrance and thursday I took the spacers out ,it looks pretty good for me .                                                                                                                     On thursday I went with my cousin Patty to look at an RV she has been looking at we had looked at it before and went back yesterday to check the RV appliances.everything worked and it looked good now it will depend on the price the people will take.  We are going to a dance tonight put on by our dance class,I hope it is fun . Sometimes the dance class is a little frustrating I don’t catch on as fast as I think I should and dance sort of like a robot not too smooth and musical. I am sitting at my desk looking out the window ,right now the squirrel is digging around in the grass looking for the nuts he hid a couple of months ago. He hasn’t noticed that I put a bunch on the table for him but I am sure he will see them before too long. We just got an invitation to an open house  at our favorite winery Quinta Ferreira they have some new releases and they will be on sale so on the weekend we will go wine tasting. It didn’t take the squirrel long to find the nuts on the table 5 minutes and it was his lunch time

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