philosophical ramblings or mind wanders:)

I went to work early this morning It was very dark out and I had some thoughts as I walked, I think they were”philosophical ramblings” or “mind wanderings”. Does your mind ever wander off and you are not sure where it is going?

I sometimes wonder about the drama that people have in their lives . My life seems to just chug along , there are ups and downs , disappointments and successes but to me it seems to be just a regular life . I read and hear about other people who are constantly having traumatic events and great dramas going on all the time . Am I missing something in my understanding of life? By the way I am not looking for problems , I think if I focused on them I could find them in my life but there are too many good things happening to concentrate on the less than good. When I first went out this morning it was really dark, I mean black dark I could hardly see the sidewalk to walk on, but I knew where I was going and I knew everything was the same as it was yesterday I just couldn’t see anything . I wasn’t afraid because I couldnt see anything and I didn’t wonder where I was going, I knew where I was and just moved along. Now the sun is starting to come up and I can see where I have been and where I am .

I wonder If life is like that ? Sometimes you can’t see much of where you are because you are sort of in a dark place, but everything is really where it is supposed to be it is just that you can’t see it yet. Don’t be ruled by circumstance take control of your life and live. Maybe part of the problem is you don’t know where you are going , actually having a goal for your life is not a bad idea . I want to be, and for the most part am in control of my life, although when a project doesn’t work out I sometimes wonder if I am out of control . I am sure anyone going through a drama will say I don’t understand and they may be right, it is just that I think you have a choice of how you focus on the things in your life . If there is a reoccurring problem ,why ?  Why not change something ?  Sometimes it is not the external circumstance that is the problem maybe it is us. So maybe we need to be like me walking in the dark just keep moving along take control of our lives and move along . If we don’t the boogie men may get us.

Smile it is going to be a fantastic day for someone it may as well be you 🙂

after writing all that I got down to work putting tile on the back entrance walls from the floor up about 2 feet and on the side of the stairs .that took most of the day and then the bus run which didn’t end untill almost 6. A particularly long day today and tonight we have to go for dance lessons . ah it is all fun 😉

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