the tuesday report

It is almost the middle of the week and it has been fun so far. last weekend we picked up the new cover for the motorhome. We had to go down to Oroville to get it because the company doesn’t ship to Canada . We planned a shopping trip and went to Omak to see about getting a front door for the house . The 36″ door was$450 but we needed the 32″ door and that was a special order for $1200 figure that out. so we went to Wal-Mart and grocery shopped instead. Monday I put the cover on. The interesting part was that there were no instructions included so I climbed up on top of the motorhome and started unrolling the bundle .It had one tag that said front so I took that to the front then had to figure out which side was inside and which was outside once I got that straight it went pretty good. the cover fit and it was not too hard to get it on and tied down there are tags on the side with velcro I wasn’t sure what they were for but figured that if you open the front and back zippers you can roll the sides up and the velcro goes with some that is on the inside . This thing is better than I thought it was going to be ,just hope it keeps the rain and if there is any the snow out to.

this looks like a giant Christmas package as long as it keeps the weather out . I am tempted to move it over to where my truck is parked that way it will block the view of my least favorite neighbour,keeping it plugged in holds me back besides I am mostly a nice person even to those who hassle me. meanwhile Deb has been busy resorting the downstairs sitting room so I have been running things out to the garage for storage. If we put very much more in the garage I am going to have to move the MG out into the cold . I also had to do a fire hall tour to-day which took up a couple of hrs. of my time . Last night was our weekly trip to Naramata for piano lessons we spent 2 hrs. driving around and then home so I was really tired when we got home just wasn’t in the mood for shopping last night.

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