Another Tuesday Yawn

Things to remember              (I am in a really good mood today just philosophical)

RELAXoct. 31 06 017

think about it

smile and laugh about it

whatever it is, it is not as bad as you think it is

There are very few things that are really life changing . If you look back 10 years or more or less ,there are things which at the time seemed very big or significant which now seen much less important. So what are some of the life changing things for me : Births (of children) ,Death (of close family) ,marriage, Divorce (not me), Moving to a new place, change of career, Jail(not me), War(not me). what would you add?

How are our lives changed by these events?  Our immediate actions or environment may be changed or our priorities are changed but,are we, the actual person changed ? After the death of my first wife and my subsequent remarriage people have commented that I have changed . Have I really? or is it just my outlook on life ,my priorities, my goals, and aspirations that have changed? Maybe I am really the same person looking from a different vantage point ,or maybe my inner self has escaped and is on the loose. fortunately my baby son Darin will soon be an official councilor, therapist,psychosis,or something and will be able to analyse me and get me back in touch with myself.

The point is , RELAX , you are not as important as you think you are. In 100 years who will know what you did today and will they care? Ok don’t go doing something naughty today to get noticed!!!

I am going to be ok ,I will just turn the music up louder to drown out the voices in my head, smile it’s a joke , well the last part about the music, I like the voices, they keep me company. the other parts , well think about what really changes your life and what is really important. Here is a picture to cheer you up


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